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iPad rental service for events

Alquilar iPad para eventos
  • Attractive presentations
  • Capture information and create databases
  • Easy surveys and polls
  • Offer internet access kiosks for your events
  • Make more interactives stands
  • Includes unlimited 3G internet access!

Our iPads

Whe you rent an iPad with iPad4Travel.com, you always rent the latest technology. Whe exclusively have the latest iPad, the third generation "New iPad".

Impress your audience with the amazing Retina Display screen and take advantage of increased battery life can be maintained up to 10 hours in use.

Our iPads

Create databases easily

With the iPad, creating a database from your trade shows attendees was never so easy.

The ease of use combined with the long battery life make the iPad the perfect tool. At day's end, export the data in a convenient and simple way.

Never miss a lead again!

Crate databases

An internet access kiosk

Make available to your audience an internet access kiosk where they can browse your website and find your product at their will.

You can also display images of your products in an morae attractive way or even high quality videos that are representatives of your brand.